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  • Department of Engineering Design and Production

Department of Engineering Design and Production

The department of Engineering Design and Production integrates Machine Design, Production Engineering, Cast Products Technology, Engineering Materials and Vehicle Engineering. The strength of the department is multidisciplinary approach and tradition. The departments is part of Aalto University School of Engineering.

The department consists of 10 chairs and the personnel is ca. 120. Annually about 100 students gain their M.Sc degree.

The mission of the department is to produce new scientific knowledge, to educate responsible and effective engineering professionals and to actively maintain a sharp focus on the branch future. Scientific and applied research is carried out in all the department's activity areas.  Extensive M.Sc., Lic.Tech. and Ph.D. prog­ram­mes are offered.

The department's B.Sc and M.Sc programs offer three major subjects: Machine Design, Production Technology and Engineering Materials. Machine Design is in the M.Sc program focused either on Mechatronics, Product Development or Vehicle Engineering.

Significant employers of M.Sc graduates are the machine, vehicle, electromechanical and electronics industries and research institutions. The employment of the masters, licentiates and doctors graduated from the department has been very good.

The research activity in the department is multidisciplinary. The volume is about 5 M€. The active research fields are:

  • Engineering materials
  • Foundry technology
  • Industrial history
  • Mechatronics
    • Fluid power
    • Machine systems in industry
    • Tribology
  • Product development
    • CAD/CAE
    • Early development process and system engineering
    • Integrated product development
  • Production Engineering
  • Vehicle engineering

If you are looking for co-operation with our scientists, please, contact the Professor in question.